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Sexual life when disabled!

The spinal cord is protected by bone rings or vertebrae, but may be damaged if the bones are fractured or moved. If many nerve cells are damaged, this often leads to loss of muscle movement. Sometimes, despite the treatment, the spinal cord injury may worsen over time, and it may take up to six months to determine how much a person can recover from a job. These injuries are often caused by traffic accidents or falls, leading to fractures in the bones of the vertebrae, or rupture or rupture of the joints or ligaments that connect the vertebrae together and may reach paralysis. But the question we ask today is: Is it possible to continue having sex after spinal cord injury?
Sexual relationship after infection.

When you find yourself paralyzed you may think at first that you are unable to have any sexual relationship. Although you may have to modify or change some of your sexual activities, you are still able to maintain a meaningful sexual life and to continue to be a sexually active person. Sex is more complicated in paralyzed men, because the patient must first know whether he or she is capable of producing an erection in his or her genitals. In the early days of the infection you find yourself unable to do so, but in most cases this ability returns to you after interval. There are two ways to make an erection: The first psychic way begins in the mind through sexual scenes, sounds, smells or imagination and memory. A signal from the brain passes through the spinal cord to reach the area where it passes from the genitals to the penis where the erection occurs. The second way of erection is called an erection reaction, which occurs as a result of stimulating the sexual area that includes the penis and testes.

In women, if paralysis is complete, the underlying problem is that nothing is caused by the infection. It may seem to you at first that you can not have sex at all, but it is not. You need to learn and practice new ways and techniques that make sex enjoyable for you, like any healthy woman, if not the same way.

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