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My people hinder me

My people hinder me

Marriage is a pleasure from the pleasures of the minimum life, in which the friendship and mercy and acquaintance and continuation of the human face on earth, and the face of the implementation of the command of God Almighty in the extraction in the land, God Almighty and his generosity and made it to all the children of Adam peace be upon him and did not devote the Almighty to a category of humanity without others.

But I am a disabled person who forbids me from marrying a national, not a moral malaise, God forbid, or a sin committed by my hands, not even because of my disability, as I think and believe, but because of a mental disability that is in the minds of the nation. I realize that I am handicapped and I have to take it on my shoulders and I do not feel it.

I am the blind if they have spoken, and I am the seat if they move, by any sin I am prevented from marrying, by any sin I deprive pleasure of the pleasures of this life.

I am ignorant of the reputation and words of people at times and fear for the future partner of life was disabled or true, and fear of the birth of disability as if they are the type of the fetus and disabled or was intact, forget the national I am human and I have feelings and feelings no less than their feelings and feelings, but overflowing and increase them .

And forget the national that I need those who help me to the hardships of life and difficulties, and that my view of marriage is not the same as they look, I see the marriage of the real view away from materialism in all its forms, a lofty view of the most beautiful images of cooperation and love and familiarity and compassion removes me wounds my disability of wars of challenge and determination And I will say to my people, Do not prevent what the Lord of the Worlds has analyzed for me, and you are the ones who have hindered me, and not my hindrance.

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