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Disabled marriage

Peace, mercy and blessings of God.
Given the circumstances of the group of persons with disabilities and their separation from each other and the marginalization of society, ..

Disabled marriage - Knights of will

Epidural Stimulation

Epidural Stimulation is Changing
the Game for Spinal Cord Patients

Sexual life when disabled!

The spinal cord is protected by bone rings or vertebrae, but may be damaged if the bones are fractured or moved. If many nerve cells are damaged, this often leads to loss of muscle movement. Sometimes…

الحياة الجنسية عند مصابو الحبل الشوكي

Our story

Our site is a service site for people with disabilities and we publish marriage applications

Our channel on Youtube

Volunteer for the disabled since 2016 I have the honor to serve my brothers who are motivated and willing.

Interested in technology

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