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Epidural Stimulation

Patients Regain Control and Self confidence

Motor Skills and Sensory Functions Start to Come Back

Epidural Stimulation is the world’s most advanced procedure for spinal cord injuries, approved for FDA trials and available only from pioneering healthcare company, Unique Access Medical. Since 2016, we’ve helped patients from six continents — male, female, young, and old — regain voluntary movements and look forward to brighter futures.



Epidural Stimulation involves the surgical implantation of a neurostimulator device.

The device is placed on the posterior structures of the lumbar spinal cord where it supplies electrical currents that connect nerve signals from the brain to spinal cord tissue below the injury level. This “bridging” effect allows for the possibility of voluntary movement and the return to normal of various involuntary body functions.

The Epidural Stimulation device can be implanted in patients with complete or incomplete injuries and can be programmed and controlled by a handheld module no bigger than a smartphone.

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