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Patients Regain Control and Self confidence Motor Skills and Sensory Functions Start to Come Back Epidural Stimulation is the world’s most advanced procedure for spinal cord injuries, approved for FDA trials and available only from pioneering healthcare company, Unique Access Medical. Since 2016, we’ve helped patients from six continents — male, female, young, and old […]
The spinal cord is protected by bone rings or vertebrae, but may be damaged if the bones are fractured or moved. If many nerve cells are damaged, this often leads to loss of muscle movement. Sometimes, despite the treatment, the spinal cord injury may worsen over time, and it may take up to six months […]
My people hinder me
Marriage is a pleasure from the pleasures of the minimum life, in which the friendship and mercy and acquaintance and continuation of the human face on earth, and the face of the implementation of the command of God Almighty in the extraction in the land, God Almighty and his generosity and made it to all […]